Hanging Garden As the Circle Fades Lyrics

Demons among us
Have set the way
Of our remaining days
Sank our hears to woe
Suppresses our faith
Crucified with rusty nails

A thousand cries inside
This serene grief holds me
In a place surreal
Inside closing walls of retreat

We live past hope
In god-forsaken play
As the circle fades
We will all be erased

A thousand cries i hide
This dead-end being drains me
Chokes out all the life
Inside closing walls of retreat

In the wind worn-out halters sway
Our loved ones left to hang
Signs of defeat, we unveiled
Fill the air with the scent of crushing end

In the wind worn-out halters sway
Our precious ones we desecrate
This spoilt eden will be purified
From the ashes of men, a new era ascends

The circle fades away
We have no more time
The circle fades away
There is no more time

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