Brant Bjork The Messengers Lyrics

Dont you try to find you
this surprise inside of you
cause I, I know they love you
and thats why I needed to tell you

They're coming for you
They're coming for you

Whats this force controlling you
compromise can kill you
The chance to shine is calling on you
The time is now to fight the ones
Who who pull you down
and tell you your a fool
Your stereos too loud and they don't understand you
wheres that person that never said a thing

mommy don't compromise me
daddy its setting me free
mommy now i believe
now i believe that this is what should be

Now gene is coming up the street
Hes going to burn my house down with fire
The kids who burn up what they say
e________ when the flames get higher and higher
Never listen to the ones who say its too late
When they control strings that control you day to day
If you want to sell your soul for rock n roll
Never ask the folks if its ok

Now my world is a carpet floor
And my life is a record store
15 years old I'm not a Virgin anymore
I think Ill quit school cause its such a bore

Ill settle the score
Now I'm reborn
Ill settle the score
Now I'm Reborn

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