Original Soundtrack Love Me Lyrics

You don't see me in the hood
It's cause I'm doing this man

n____s, I'm still grinding, (yeah...)
I'm still hearing those sirens,
I'm still getting chased by those lights,
Only the light's mine and my mic's on
And my time is none because I'm writing more,
And I ain't here to meet a soul in this buisness,
I'm here to eat, speak, until these hoes feel this, (for sure...)
and I can't let y'all derail me man,
I got young Kobe, homie, you gotta let go of Obie
cause Obie be back, (ain't goin' nowhere man...)
We got them c___s going on
and that yak going on,
soon as a n____ touch down back from tourin',
It's whateva, put that on the chedda man,
but in the meantime, it's Jimmy Ivene time,
chase cheese, rhyme till my voice give out,
this is it my n____, this what we boast about,
Now I'm here so shut your m_________in mouth
And show me love b____..

(Obie Trice)
I just wanna love you for the rest of my life, (I dont love you b____)
I wanna hold you in the morning, (Ha)
hold you through the night (Hahaha)

I just wanna love you for the rest of my life, (We wanna love alcohol, we wanna love guns,)
I wanna hold you in the morning, (we wanna love money)
hold you through the night.. (Ha) (we don't wanna love b____es though)

Verse 2
There's a certain mystique when I speak,
that you notice that it's sorta unique,
cause you know it's me, my poetry's deep,
and I'm still matic the way I flow to this beat,
you can't sit still, it's like tryin to smoke crack
and go to sleep, Ic12

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