I met her down in K -beach
While I drove around
The crowd turned grey around her 'n' seemed to drown in (the) ground
She was great in shape
She moved so fine
I shaked her badly
Many guys would envy me for a night of that kind
But in fact...

I don't feel good

So let me tell you f___ers
What went wrong with her
First so d___ delicious
Bitter taste afterwards
She-was good to go
She moved so fine she
Polished my Bentley
(but) when I woke up she wasn't there
couldn't find my keys anywhere and
I.... (don't feel good) I....know

She's such a b____
I couldn't believe it
She took my ride
I'm such a d___
Maybe I lost my mind
For sure my keyes that night

My pants flew out the window
While we're getting down
I was so turned away by her hands all around
When she was gone
I got a call, did
You wrack your Bentley?
She wrapped my car around a tree
I thought I f___ed for free, easily

And now

Don't feel good
Don't feel good

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