ApologetiX Go Right Now (parody of "All Right Now" By Free) Lyrics

There we stood with John B. -- Simon's brother, Andrew, and me
He said, "Hey, look at this -- now baby, there's the
Lamb of God who frees us from sins!"
I said, "Hey, what's he sayin', baby? Andrew, could you please explain"
"No time to waste," oh, he said to me
"Let's move before the Savior walks away!" Ow!
Go right now! Baby let's go right now!
Go right now! Baby let's go right now!
We took a walk to Christ's place -- Talkin' with the dude all the day
When we left, Andrew says, "Maybe -- I'll get Simon, should we get James?"
He said, "Bro! Come over fast! Cause I think the Lord's here at last!"
He said, "What? The Lord above?" But Simon found out quickly enough! CHORUS

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