ApologetiX Parable Guy (parody of "American Pie" By Don McLean) Lyrics

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how amusing He could make things sound
And I knew if I'd had my pen, that I should take notes even then
And maybe then I'd have them for you now
But every word He said was clever -- and every parable I remember
Matthew has recorded -- and Luke, I think, has more yet
I can't remember if I try -- what I learned about in junior high
But some things taught by Jesus Christ remain, refusing to die
So bye, bye Mr. Parable Guy
Got my blessin' through the lessons taught by Heaven's Messiah
Them good old days of seekin' wisdom divine
Sittin' list'nin' to the Parable Guy -- Listen to the Parable Guy
Did you like the Book of Luke and do you like fables that are true
If you like I'll tell you some
Cause a true believer's crop is slow when seed gets wasted on the road, but
Plant 'em deep and plow the land and they'll grow
Now I know the storms will come again so don't start your mansion in the sand
He won't pick off the fruits if that fig tree didn't produce
And if a lowly widow won't give up she can make her case and win a wicked judge
But the new wine is powerful stuff -- it waits for you to try
You gotta drink it CHORUS
Now, if a shepherd's sheep are all at home and one goes out on his own alone
Well, that's not where he needs to be
Won't the shepherd search for the missing sheep and of course, a woman doesn't sleep
Till the coin she can't find is retrieved
Oh, and while the kid was gettin' down and spendin' all his money in town
Of course his father yearned -- oh, for him to return
And all the weddin' guests who don't get smart
The Lord just catches them off guard
And leaves them virgins in the dark the day the groom arrives
Bells were ringin' CHORUS
Selfish wealth it isn't gonna help if your barns are stocked like a fallout shelter
Grain piled high with all your cash
The wedding has a lot of guests -- Today it's time for your formal best
I'd suggest you follow guidelines when you dress
Now at halftime there were things to do so the farmer paid another crew
They all got paid for that -- Oh, but the jealous ones were mad
And as the treasure finder pays takes the field -- The merchant says this jewel's a steal
They'll lose it all for such a deal and pay the fullest price
They got the kingdom CHORUS
Oh, and there they were all in one place from every nation, tongue and race
With goats and lambs apart in pens
So c'mon, drag the fishnet, catch the fish -- Don't splash that on your candlestick cause
Flour with the leaven's gonna spread
Oh, and as they robbed him on the way the man was left in disarray
No neighbor stopped to help -- And he couldn't save himself
And as a stranger finally pulled aside -- He spied the battered Israelite
I saw Him save him gladly with delight -- He made it through the night
He was strengthened CHORUS
The little children sang the blues and they blasted forth some happy tunes
But things just failed to turn their way
"I went out and I made some more!" said the servant who got his reward
But the man that had excuses couldn't pay
And when the wheat was filled with weeds
The mustard climbed from the smallest seed
And all the birds were hopin' the birdhouse now was open
And the thing that I admire most from all those funny parables
They taught the lessons for the folks whose faith was rooted in Christ
Cause they were seekin' CHORUS

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