Pure Moods Mo Ghile Mear(Instrumental Lyrics

Can you feel the river run
Waves all dancing through the sun
Take the tide and face the sea
And find a way to follow me
Leave the field and leave the fire
And find the flame of your desire
Set your heart on this far shore
And sing your dream to me once more

Now the time has come to leave
Keep the flame and still believe
Know that love will shine through darkness
One bright star to light the wave

Lift your voice and raise the sail
Know that love will never fail
Know that I will sing to you
Each night as I dream of you

'Se' mo laoch mo ghile mear He is my hero, my dashing darling
'Se' mo She'asar, ghile mear He is my Ceasar, my dashing darling
Suan gan se'an ni bhfuair me fe'in Rest or peace, I did not get
O' chuiag i gce'in, mo ghile mear Since he went away, my dashing darling

Ghile mear, the wind and sun
The sleep is over, dream is done
To the west, where fire sets
To the ghile mear, the day begun


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