cali agents how the west was won Lyrics

This is for them n____s that be talkin that s___
Hey yo, this is how the west was one
And this is for them n____s claimin they make hits
Hey yo, this is how the west was one
And this is for them n____s that be ridin they d___s
Hey yo, this is how the west was one
And this is for the fools that be thinkin they slick
Hey yo, this is how the west was one

[ Rasco ]
Hey yo, this is how the west was one
It's not about runnin round totin your guns
It's all about who can sound the illest to beats
And not how many brothers that you shot in the street
You cats need to give me like 200 feet
And back the f___ up before I show you the heat
We not the cornballs that you normally meet
Cause we the type of n____s that be playin for keeps
This ain't for the ones that be on they skateboards
I leave it for the cats that be poppin Billboard
We came to drop bombs when you thought it was done
You cats are now dealin with the prodigal son
Who got the best voice? I'm the logical choice
And bring the gold plaques that was ready to hoist
Cause me and Bleedy Eyes came to bring the surprise
I sold 40 thou, now I'm ready to rise
And bubble to the top while you're prayin we flop
I whip a n____'s a__, have him callin the cops
It just don't stop, man, you know how it's done
We came to show you cats how the west was one


[ Planet Asia ]
>From the beginning finally until perfection is done
It ain't no stoppin us now, this is how the west was one
We just connected to the point where we formed
Direction every time to show y'all n____s is corn
We expected to be the best s___ every time we perform
To the levels of combination of new s___ that's about to go on
For sho', let's knock it for my peoples in Can
And when the song is over you gon' play this again
It ain't no need to hate on it, cause we ain't tryin to offend
Only thing we came to do is spit flows, rip shows and make some ends
All it takes is just for us to get down
And get to workin on conceptions that your group never found
And what's the deal with all these clowns comin up on the charts
Just because you sold some records doesn't mean that you smart
We came to get it on until the total package is done
Reppin where we from, and this is how the west was one


[ Planet Asia ]
Yo, you never woulda thought that Cali Agents would be
The group in the 2000 you were waitin to see
It's been a long time since you heard two tight-a__ MC's
Make a record for the love of it - but still succeed

[ Rasco ]
Before you spit a verse, man, you better rehearse
I have your head spinnin, man, ready to burst
I heard some wack n____s, but you n____s is worse
Somebody said 'second', but I'm really the first
To come up on the scene lookin fresh and clean
I spit it out straight, so you know what it means
The best double team you done seen in a while
And never trust fools that be crackin a smile
Whoever said Rasco should change his style
Can eat a fat d___, n____, change the dial
Cause I'ma keep doin what I been doin for years
Put it to the floor, then put it in fifth gear
So the next time that you're lookin for us
Just have your s___ straight and be ready to bust
Cali Agent #1, man, I'm second to none
We came to show you cats how the west was one


Cali Agents
We still housin
Planet Ashe
We lettin loose
Cali Agent #1
Cali Agent #2

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