Deinonychus Nightfall Guides Insomia To Be An Everlasting Mental Torture With This Being The Consequence Lyrics

Carried away by the kiss of the night, heaven pitch black, the moon my only guide My eyes gazing holes, mirror a timeless labyrinth, downstairs I go for a while The most abominate memories arise, piercing through the night, no invitation applied Mentally cursed this journey, paralized eyelids, pushed the pause-b___on of life Riding the beast for such a long time, surreal madness, no sleep will ever arrive Scarlet visions of my open pulse, liquid draining away, is this a dream to be told? Chaotic and picturesque, voices strangled to death, without any emotion expressed Where to find the beauty of sleep, is it for sale somebody say, killing my conciousness

Insomnia is my name
Raping your peace
Piercing you
I give you timeless thoughts
Cold and sweated limbs
Exhausted you'll awake
Memories painting torture
Walk like the dead

Hell on earth killing time, murder peace of mind, by daylight condemned to be blind Returning every night, countless and deformed, the horror roaring inside Jumping from the edge, no more nights appear, quietly and yet peaceful Weakened and dead flesh, remains of utter punishment, peace at last.

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