Notorious B.I.G Keep Your Hands High Lyrics

[Notorious B.I.G.]
f___ that, I preach it, my nine reaches
The prestigious cats who speak this Willie s___
Flood in pieces, my hand releases s_____es
Smackin cabbage, half-a__ rappers shouldn't have it
So I grab it, never run, the out come is usually
a beat down brutally, f___ who you be or where you from
West or East coast, squeeze toast leave most
in the blood they layin in, ask Tray and them

[Tracey Lee]
Oh s___, I suppose its time to go snitch
Flip a line and get the show lit
You clown n____z hold it
Down your flow lax, just so you know that
We could battle for days like old cats
Black, you dealing with a throw back
Winnin like straight jacks, with a wide range
n____ my name, Tray the terrible
Philadelph, wild child incredible
too sick for medical attention, people listen
It's verbal ascension, like Maxwell many dimensions
Flood over tracks, well, mics in critical condition
Killin ya Maxell, unveil lyrical skills unknown
for my people with illegal cell phones
A real MC let's bring it back home
Live from the two-one-five, that lost a back bone
in charge, and heavily on like break fog
You for saw it, n____ stay down
Biggie make them hit the floor face down

[Notorious B.I.G.]
What, what, what, the rings and things you speak about
bring em out, it's hard to yell with my bat round
in your mouth, its more than I expected
I thought them jewels was rented, but they wasn't
So run it, cousin, I could chill the heat does it
Ran up in your shell about a dozen, you never seen
bank like Frank White, ya hand clutchin
ya chest plate contemplates, bout to die n____ wait
Keep ya hands high

[Chorus: x2]

You don't wanna die, keep your hands high
Ain't no right or wrong in this game called survive
So you know it's Tray and B-I, G schemin on your cream
Why try, keep ya hands high

[Tracey Lee]
Hey yo it's show time, so I'ma blow nines into your spine
So what's yours is mine, you know what this is
Bag the Benjamins with all ya riches
How quickly, the milli turn w______ to b____es
Controllin your fate, a hole in your plate
f___ the show dates, I want the whole state
with squads harassin, all of y'all n____z who flashin
We doing this the Tray Lee way, delay
Then n____ we spray, aint no ignoring us
Me and Notorious

[Notorious B.I.G.]
I got a new mouth to feed, I'm due south with keys
Y'all pick seeds out y'all weed, I watch cowards bleed
m_________er please, it's my block with my rocks
f___ the hip-hop, them one-two's and it don't stop
Me and my n____ Lance, took him and Cease in vans
Bought ten bricks, four pounds of weed plants
from Branson, now we lamp in, twelve room mansions
b____es get naked off Get Money, Playas Anthem
Don't forget One More Chance and, my other hits
Other s___ n____z spit be counterfeit
Robbing come naturally, in and out like f___in rapidly
Pass the gat to me
Make his chest rest where his back should be
f___in blasphemy, blast me, your family rest in coffins
Often, Franquiza, far from soft or fragile, uh
Play hard like Reggie Miller, rapper slash dope dealer
slash guerilla, slash illest turn iller

[Tracey Lee]
So n____ keep ya hands high
Run all your so called possessions, links with baguettes in
Keys to your Lex, for us to make your shorties dressed in
A full jack maneuver, dont no body move, just the moolah
It's RNF and Junior M.A.F., runnin through ya like Kahlua
If rum sung then you fly, n____z with the 45
but True Lies, but you brought out the real n____ in me
Now I'ma c___ the semi, watch you strip like Demi


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