Felli Fel Get Buck In Here Lyrics

(Feat. Akon, Diddy, Ludacris & Lil Jon)


its tricky i'm picky baby, but i just spotted you
doin your thing, g-string, shoe string point of view, hey
lemme up out of you, you got me in a zone
bet a million in a half past, i can make you explode
you dont wanna brave the cold, you wanna day of combs
i can take you on outer-limits away from home
when ya bills pilin' up, ...... fo' sho
in the middle of the club doin' a rodeo show
the hoes seem skeemy, wet dreamy, emphasism obsessed gleemy
(incredible s__) you need me
ease me, please me baby, i maybe am little crazy but in a way that.....


dont make me get buck in here!!
shorty drop em to the ground like she ain't got manners
too much booty for one man to handle
when all i need is a one night scandal

and ima get buck in here!!
d___ lil' momma you know you fit my standards
you the type to make me grip that handle
lick shots in the air, bustin' that grandamwhile you make it clap clap clap clap clap
shake that thang, shake that thang
while you make it clap clap clap clap clap
just shake that thang, shake that thangLUDA:

she can make it clap like a standin' ovation
spin like my record at the radio station
feel the sensation, i put it right there
they be like LUDA, i be like yeaaaaaaa,
you like it like that dontchya baby
the flows insane, and the stroke is crazy
i stroke so good, like tiger woods
and i ROWR like a tiger would
my lively-hood, is not hollywood
im still southside atlanta, thats a lively hood
a circus, big top, like ringling brothers
if you wanna learn something, bring your mothers
sit back and observe, invite some friends
we can mix it all up, like juice and gin
felli on the celly with a couple of twins
cuz tonight, d___ right, we gonna do it again~CHORUS~P.DIDDY:

listen, women lace em g for a jet
twisted, crooked, cell phone numbers, probably
flip em change em, prissy and boogy the hood
game of taste em, prissy's im runnin' em good
leather or silk, im melt them all
love em, leave em, give em hell for sure
tell them words they minds and souls deserve
or give them things they might prefer
sandrio pan, mandarin sweet massage oil
pimp, gamein', grants, and benz' i ....
used to style em, now just virgin island
comosutra freaky ...~CHORUS~

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