Chamillionaire We Gonna Ride Lyrics

[Chamillionaire: "Tip down like that sometimes baby, know what I'm talkin' 'bout"?]
(Talking 'Bout?)

[Big Moe Inserts]
-Ayayo, it's the Big Humvy, Hummer-Hummer
-I don' took a pint to the head like, I don'-I don' took a pint to the head

Yo, Aoww!, Color Change n____ (yeah)
It's Rasaq boy (Color Change is a Army n____)
Ay put ya deuce up in the air like this here

[Hook: Rasaq]
We gon' ride, forever stuntin' while the pops roll glow
We gon' buy, cuz real ballers eat at PoppaDo's

[Verse 1: Rasaq]
I got, donut glaze on the do' of my caddy
Rollin' on candy, n____ I spend dough in Miami
I got bad red-bones that I won't show to my family
Cuz if you show her to the poll, she gon' show you them panties
Talkin' down on the south, n____z must be absurb
We been rappin' hard, but we just gettin' heard
Plenty years in the game that's a g______ shame
Now everybody wanna talk with a southern slang
Them boys up North (North), them boys from the West (From the West)
They tell me not to plex, but I'ma get it off my chest
How you gon' act like the south don't shine
n____ we the hardest, my ad-libs gon' co-sign
The n____z talk with purpose, while I'm holdin' my nuts
(Even n____z that ain't us), wanna sound like us
Gotta verse for you hoe a__ n____z, I know you wanna hear it
Hit em' up, get em' up, spit em' up
style I'm finna switch it up
Diamonds finna glisten up
Yall n____z better listen up
Flip em' up, rip em' up
gotta AK to shoot yo kitchen up
Leave ya family twitchin' up
Shell catchers I don't got to pick em' up
Nah, I'ma stop, it ain't all about the skills
Down here all that matters is, how much you real
I'ma give it to you straight like poppin' a pill
Before the south gotta deal, been swangin' big wheels

[Verse 2: Chamillionaire]
Flippin' Benz, bubble-lens, feed ya tank a number 10
If ya pimpin', her and friends, I ain't trippin' get ya ins
If ya been, in the pen', pop this in and lift ya chin
Tat skin, get some ins, and throw some glitter in ya grin
Man, once again, but this dank off in the wind
If you don't smoke, then that's for them, put some drank off in ya chin
Remember back about 10, majors wouldn't let us in
Servin' school is a lifestyle, but they treat it like it's a trend
Man, they like "Koopa tell me where the hell you been"
Man, I been dealin' with family, and takin' care of Ben
Franklin, ain't the end, I was here when it begin
See if ya ridin' Davin rims, celebrate by lettin' em' spin
I bought some new ones in, to replace the older rims
What type of rims? that depends is it the truck, the bike, or van
Had to hop out, and stop my spinners on the rims
My alarm kept detecting motion pokin' out of them
Man, I'm just sayin', yall know Koopa don't be playin'
I'm just sayin', I be layin' with the flat TV's displayin'
Sometimes I feel like grippin', sometimes I'm tippin'
n____z in the streets tryin' to find out if it's written
Haha..Yo, Chamillitary man!

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