Tiamat Summertime is Gone Lyrics

A new cold breeze in the air
Wish i could take you up there
Where we would drown in the sun
But summertime is gone

A chilly wind through my spine
And heavy clouds in decline
Winter's work has begun
And summertime is gone

And i wanna see you once again
And i wanna tough you once again
Oh, this is what dreams are made of
My, oh my
These soothing times
The summer wine
Summertime is gone!

Now clouds are hanging low
And paint the land in snow
The equinox is through and done
And summertime is gone

I dream a little dream of summer days
And spread my wings of dreams to leave this place
With summershine and dreams for two
One for me and one for you
I dream a little dream of summer days

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