Borderlinerz I've been down Lyrics

Help me please please understand
I'm sure one day this c___ 'n end
Well some things we'll never know
This 'sdeep in my heart deep in my soul

Always lost, always confused
Well some things we never choose
All this time all night long
All this s___ just make me strong

Hard to loose your best friend
Well I thought I was your man
Without warning I can see why
Cuz there've no last kissing in our good bye

Gimme something I wanna believe
Gimme something I wanna believe

New I'm half of man
It's really hard to understand
Now I'm lost, Now I'm confuse
I know I don't wanna lose

Hard to tell loke like cliche
I look outside the wood is gray
Burn the pictures try to forget
I feel this blank inside my head

Looking at the wirror tring to be
Well I used to disagree
But although all this s___
You 'll see me in the streets

I've Been Down

You'll see me in the streets


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