The Team Good Girl Lyrics

Clyde Carson (intro)---
You know them type of chicks, man
They be seein' you hollerin' at them (you see me talkin' to ya)
They know you talkin' to them
They be tryna act like they don't hear you
This is what I say to 'em

Excuse me darlin'
Don't mean to bother
Not tryin' to irritate or start no problems
I aint shoutin' at ya mama
I won't holla
Whisper in ya ear, hopefully you'll follow
I know your type
Know that you won't tolerate
Hate them fake type
You won't call them
Won't take no date night
You don't want to, and that's why I'm on you

Every time I see her she playin' the role
Never let me holla
She be telling me "No"
Wont give me the time of day just roll...
Right past ya boy like she aint know
But I say...

Ay, she's a good girl, I can tell (good girl)
Tryna act like a good girl, I can tell (good girl)
Got 'em all open man, I can tell (good girl)
Can't fall for her man
That aint gooder

Kaz Kyzah---
I love to bless ya
Caress ya, s__ ya
Feelin' the pressure of another semester
Sittin' through lectures from her professor
Gotta respect ya cause you aint like the rest of chicks
With just a
Just to touch ya
Just to bless ya would be my pleasure
Sit you on leather soft b___er texture
God is good,
when I undress ya

Every time I see you, you playin the role
Never let me holla, keep tellin' me no
Wont give me the time of day just roll...
Right past ya boy like you aint know
So I say...

Repeat Chorus

Clyde Carson---
Stop the games
Drop ya name
Shoot ya lil' number, Ma
Hop in the Range

Clyde Carson---
Now this time I see you,
You aint playin the role
Now you let me holla
You aint telling me no
Wanna give me the time of day
And roll
Wit me in the Range
Now you ready to know
But I say...
I don't know about now

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