Lil Boosie Beast Mode Ft. Lil Boosie (Dirty) Lyrics

Beast Mode Boosie Bad a__ J D Q Beast Mode Thats All I Need Im Goin In Beast Mode Hennesy A Bag Of Dro Dats All I Need Im Goin In Beast Mode U Kno Well Its Boosie And I Go In Beast Mode My Mind Click I Shoot U Like Free Throws We Southside Gorillas And We Move Them Kilos Live Camp And Dem Sub Zeros We In Tha Club Throwin Bows We Got Erbody Lookin Same Way They Be Lookin When I Follow U And Screamin Beast Mode We On Tha Block Freezin Cold When I Jump In Aint Tha Problem Child Cold A Red Bone In A Red Thong I Go Beast My Peeps Be Sayin Stop Playin Get In And Let Dat Meat Show A 745 With Da Real Spinners On It Keep Ur Girl Inside When She Come In And Act A Donkey I Dress To Impress Where A Vest Upon My Chest My Beast Mode 9 For Dem Boys Who Gonna Test Im Da Best Dey Ever Did Lil Boosie Da Realist Ill Make U Sick When You Fish U Ol p____ a__ b____ *chorus* I Smoke I Pop I Suppose To Stop But Im Not I Got A Bag Of Kill Like That n____ Feel Head Bobbin At The Wheel A Ho Hit Me On My Cell And She Said Come And Get Me She Givin Brain From B.R. To Da City I Said Shorty Look I Aint Tripping I Got 4 50's So Wont You Go In Beast Mode With Me.

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