Mickael feat. Baby Bash Roller Coaster Lyrics

(feat. Baby Bash)

[Baby Bash:]
Baby Bash
Oh boy
What is it

[Chorus: Mickael]
Your body's like a rollercoaster
My favorite attraction
Let me get closer
You the drug I got addicted
This time I'm pleading guilty
I know I'll be convicted
I lose the sense of gravity
When you start moving on me
We're on the same orbit
You know that I love it
I was poisoned, you the remedy
When you're kissing over me
Baby what'd you do to me

[Verse 1:]
Laughin', smilin', tellin' jokes
Is how we does our thang
Take me for that ride, let your boy inside
Let me bring you pleasure/pain
Is it just a game, No Way Jose
Bust about you all night, all day
I'm a ride you like I ride that way
Let me keep you hotter than a microwave (Hey)

[Hook: Baby Bash]
And it just don't stop
We bubblin' til we pop
It's good to the last drop
I'm loving that oooh-wop



[Verse 2:]
I'm a kick it, I'm a stick it, I'm a love it, I'm a lick it
I'm a tighten up these curves
When I ram it, I'm a rip it, she gone love it, when I give it
I give mines and she gives hers
Watch out
I'm on a rollercoaster ride tonight
And I bet she didn't know
She's gonna be my bride tonight
On Tha Cool though
I love your culo
And the way you treat your papi chulo
Wanna let your crew know
How you gets down with that numero one
Cotton-candy carousel
Disneyland or fairy tale
How you put a playboy in a merry spell
Cause you twerk that thang, mama very swell (Ugh)


[Verse 3: Mickael]
Flirting with your skin
We can't stop kissing
We can't stop touching
Overload of loving
Baby, where you've been
Cause I been waiting
Everyday searching
For the one I was missing
Now that I have you
I won't let you go
You'll stay close to me
Cause I need you so
You will never be, far away from me
I would get crazy, and would miss you so

[Chorus x2]

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