josh ritter JOSH RITTER - Lillian, Egypt Lyrics

I remember back in Illinois I found her
The lily of the valley the lily of the West was a rose
The daughter of the biggest big town banker
He kept her like a princess I stole her like the Fort Knox gold

She used to pour Four Roses like it was going down the chimney
Like the bottle was on fire or the boiler was about to blow
She was up on the table when we hit Missouri
Dancing with a movie man he was holding her a little too close

La da da da da da da da da! (x2)

He made her the star of the silent movies
But all she did was mouth the words all she did was mouth the words, "Oh no!"
And he cast me as the villain as the sheriff's worst enemy
I practiced falling off of buildings and out windows

La da da da da da da da da! (x2)

The last time I saw she was tied to the train tracks
I was back there with the extras riding on a tiger roan
The villain on the left with the studio mustache
Winking at Lillian blowing kisses from the second row

La da da da da da da da da! (x2)

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