June Of 44 Take It With A Grain Of Salt Lyrics

Hasn't seen the sun for days
with a feel for nothing other than his own insomnia
stamina states that he's a branded man
ressurected and unexpected
and open for his own
he's okay
we'll leave him alone
leave him alone
the head turns another edge
till the flower finds another house
where he uses music
the cards hit the table
flat on the back of saturation
his hands run dry
so he uses numbers
1 and 2 make a building
the one's are shaking and the two's are stable
he'll code the colors
red and blue
for a brand new reason
for a brand new man
give him peace
and let him
and let him
someday in september
the smoke stack got the best of us
the call was made
2 for 16
the ship came a year ago
he ran them all away
the leaves seem to make the difference
he mangled the enemy
fall on the ground deceased
stare at the sun
beat his own drum
he's gonna be just fine
take another pill
take another pill

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