Various Artists Who - The Pied Pipers Lyrics

Who, stole my heart away
Who, makes me dream all day
Dreams I know can never come true
Seems as though I'll ever be blue

Who, means my happiness
Who, would I answer yes to
No one, but you!

A woman's intentions, her femine inventions
A seldom if ever defined
And I am no different, why should I be different?
I simply can't make up my mind
How can I solve this situation
Except by the process of elimination

Repeat Chorus

Can it be, can it be, who can it be?

You'll never guess who has stolen my heart away Dreamin' dreams I know
Can never come true...
Seems as though
I'll never be blue!

Oh who, means my happiness
Who, would I answer yes to
Well you oughta guess who, who...
No one but you!

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