Saratoga Show Mw Your Pride Lyrics

Back home this time it did not work
We saw chains being broken
Today the executioner swallowed his vocation
Death was very near
He wanted screaming and he failed
Reality sentenced him
Rage and pain in his heart
A crime he did not commit
Five years in the death row
Nearly at the end he could breathe
He is hispanic, even worst if you are black
Your life is their reward
Like the hyenas on Neron's Rome
Who's to die dispise you
Second time, start again
Somebody bought his salvation
There's no better show in television
They gotta search, and they will find
Someone to blame and to kill
That society gave them power

You should not cry,
show your pride
You are not alone
We're going high,
you mustn't shut up
With left hand
We gotta fight

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