Russian Red Army Choir The Hunt For Red October Lyrics

Russian Translation by Herman Sinitzen

Holodna hmoora. -- Cold, hard, empty.
Eemruchnoh v'd____eh --Light that has left me,
Kak mohg znat ya shtoh tee oomriosh? --How could I know that you would die?

Do svidonia, byehreg rodnoy --Farewell again, our dear land.
Kak nam troodnag pridstahvit shtoh eto nyeh sohn. --So hard for us to imagine that it's real, and not a dream.
Rodina, dom radnoy, --Motherland, native home,
Do svidonia Rodina. --Farewell, our Motherland.

Ay. Avepakhod, avepakhod, nass val nahmarskaya zhdyot nyehdazh dyotsyah. --Let's go; the sea is waiting for us.
Nass zah vootmarskaya dah, ee preeboy! --The vastness of the sea is calling to us, and the tides!

Salute otsam ee nashem dedum --Hail to our fathers and forefathers.
Zahvietum eekh fsigdah vierney. --We are faithful to the covenant made with the past.
Tepierre nichtoh, nee astanoivit, --Now nothing can stop
Pabiedney shark, radnoy straney. --Our Motherland's victorious march.

Tiy pliyvee, pliyvee bestrashna, --Sail on fearlessly,
Gordest say viernykh marieye. --Pride of the Northern Seas.
Revoluytziye nadezhdah sgoostk vierif sekh luydeye. --Hope of the Revolution, you are the burst of faith of the people.

The last two stanzas repeat a couple of times, then:

V'oktyabreh, v'oktyabreh,--In October, in October,
Rahpar tu ium miy nashe pabiediy. --We report our victories to you, our Revolution.
V'oktyabreh, v'oktyabreh, Novie meeir fahli numnashy dehidiy. --And to the heritage left by you for us.

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