Deadlock ...For The New Prophets Lyrics

the new prophets have arrieved...
let this be the battle cry for all these unlawful crowned heads
they masquerade themselves as the bringers of freedom
but shall we sell our souls to an institution in which freedom doesn't exist
then we will become truly victims of an ideology that keeps it's fellows small-minded
they poison the innocence of our hearts by killing all of our dreams
let's stop carrying the crosses which they impose on us and which are the pillars of their heretical belief
this artificial building will collapse and they will be buried
the death of their thoughts is the birth of an overwhelming beauty that leads us through the darkest days
and soon our lungs will breathe in the total freedom again
"sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vrajo"
the new prophets have arrived they will enter the throne
they are godlike now fall to their knees
(and they will choose your fate) the new prophets have arrived...

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