Will-o-the Wisp The Reapers Paper Boat Lyrics

Behind a cascade hides a golden gate
the time is the key , now go tell us what you see ?
I see the sky making love with the sea
now everything is one .

The Past , the Present and the Future
dance together with Forever .
The moon-drops laughing
with the jokes and the gossip
told by the Hate but now it's late .
Can you hear
the Night has come hand to hand
with the Day the sky is gray .
You hide behind the smile .

The lies play with rules the game of the fool's .
The stars go to bed, the yellow changes to red .
The Fire with the Death and the Wind
is burning everything .

But the hope calls the rain now the pain
is so lonely , so deadly lonely .
The nature is crying .
But the dream awakes from an endless sleep
and the Life is so happy
look inside her eyes .
The stars are on , the fear has gone
we sing the song
for tomorrow , kill the sorrow .
The reaper's paper boat is falling .

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