The Vandas In The Morning Lyrics

I must be mad for diving in,
This is deeper than my watch should really go,
And it's still worth a bit to know,
I can't resist what I get back,
It's such a good thing,
But I'm falling for the in,
For someone that I'll never win

We lay and watch the tv scream
And I wake up deeper than ever been
In the morning

The warnings come from all my friends
They all tell me that it's gonna get me burned
And I remember what I'd learned
But when she turns up at my door
How am I supposed to treat her as a friend?
The colours always seem to blend

Our clothes are lying on the floor
And I wake up deeper than I was before
In the morning

And as I sit inside my room
In my silence she's still whispering in my ear
She tells me things I wanna hear
And the deeper that I fall
All the easier to find the next excuse
So work me up and turn her loose

And I wonder where you are
I don't wanna call up asking where you been
I keep those questions in a tin
With all the things that I hold dear
Like the letter that you left beside my bed
I still remember all it said

And she doesn't even know
And I wonder how much deeper it will go
In the morning
In the morning...

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