Star Salzman Back in Time Lyrics

If I could go back in time,
I'd be the neetest guy you ever met.
I'd buy a whole new wardrobe for 50 cents.

I'd be a rich man,
I'd invest in Microsoft or Compaq.
I'd never miss a deadline, I'd always get straight A's.

I'd never miss my favorite shows,
I'd never be late for work, or anything.

I could live each moment again and again and again.

If i could go back in time,
I'd hold you in my arms for ever more.
I'd fall in love with you all over again.

If i could see your eyes
when the world was new, and beautiful.

I could show you,
all the things i never said...

But I, cant go back,
I cant see you again.

No I cant erase the past,
So i will live without you.

I dont know when I would go to,
to try to talk to you,
to try to talk you out of things,
to talk me into things I should have said to you.

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