Mick Boogie and Little Brother Fan Mail Feat. Joe Scudda And Darien Brockington Lyrics


[Intro: Rapper Big Pooh]
Rapper Pooh's in the m_________in buildin
Phonte's in the buildin, Joe Scudda's in the buildin
DJ Babu's on the m_________in BEAT!
From NC, to LA

"Regulatin this game, f___ a critic
Cause when I'm spittin, I'ma split your s___ in!" <-- Lil' Fame "G. Building"

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Here we go, yo; n____z tryna box me in
How the f___ am I suppose to win?
Bruh, Poobie stay cool like I'm West Coast pimpin with Schwinn
I'ma keep doin me, I just pimp wit a pen
til the day that I reach my end
I'ma always do me first, f___er 'fore I let you in
Ronnie J. is my next-to-kin, and to be frank
muh'f___ers I ain't take it from him (take it from him)
I done been criticize, critique to stone
Even had people tell me I should leave it alone
How you gon throw rocks, but you don't want the throne
Try and keep a n____ outta his zone
You ain't never wrote a rap in your life,
or even handle bars to put yourself on the mic, but you talk about ME
If I talk about you, you won't buy my CDs'
I'm talkin 'bout y'all, tell me what it's gon be, WHAT?!

[Chorus: Darien Brockington]
(Holla, holla, holla, holla)
I'm just huuuuman
I'm onnnnly a maaaaaaaan...
And I'm doooooin the best that I caaaaan, yeah...
I was yooooou, would you pleeeease understand, yeah...

{"Regulatin this game, f___ a critic
Cause when I'm spittin, I'ma split your s___ in" <-- Lil' Fame "G. Building"}

[Joe Scudda]
Yeah, J-O, aiyyo I'm sick of all the whinin and the b____in
I swear you act like a bunch of ladies
cause all you every do is cry like a bunch of babies
Do you really think that y'all opinion with Joe will switch my flow?
f___in crazy; you done fell down and b__ped your head
You can suck my d___, that's what the f___ Joe said
Simple and plain, I wanted you to catch that s___
I said it, I meant it, so NO I don't regret that s___
but I still got fans that keep it real with Joe
They love my c___y persona and the ignorant flow
They say, "f___ 'em, ya ignorant Joe"
My manager told me to murder everything, so I'm killin 'em doe
and I'on't really give a f___ if you quote my s___
But it's me, and I should know cause I wrote my s___
Guess this game, truly is a gift and a curse
You said you hate me so I KNOW you gon luh this verse, what?!


Peace to D.P.'s and Alchemisssst
and dis is dedicated to them b______ whicccch
gave me and the crew dey a__ to kiss
That's why I'm bout to be Reborn, this verse is just a Braxton hits
(C'mon) Just imagine if, you spend your whole life working hard
and still had n____z hatin and frontin
Everybody, yeah they own your s___, but got they bones to pick
like we was playin Operation or sumthin
Maybe then you might lose it, get a little madder
Wanna choke a n____, maybe slap a cracka
Maybe rethink your whole strategy and be like,
"f___ these rap geeks, I'm rhymin wit Project Pat-a"
I know that's probably too much for y'all
I can tell on the nerves that I'm touchin on
I'm just stayin on my grind like bicuspids, dawg
I ain't got time to f___ wit y'all, I'm doin ME, c'mon


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