Old Dead Tree Won't Follow Him Lyrics

Can't you feel
That I have changed my mind
About my lure of death
And suicide
I've felt myself really ashamed
Since the time
I lost one of my best friends
And my mind

I won't follow him!
I think that I would not do same
Thing like that to the people
Who protected me when I was younger
I won't follow him!
But I can't really feel some hate
My friend was so afraid
That he has not realised
I won't follow him!
The pain he would make me feel
The pain he would make us feel
The pain he would make them feel
I won't follow him!
This wound that can't heal up
This mouth that won't shut up
Remembering us that he's gone
I won't follow him!

He left this world behind
To run away
From depression
But I can't really forgive

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