Sovereign Grace Music I Come by the Blood Lyrics

You are the perfect and righteous God
Whose presence bears no sin
You bid me come to Your holy place
How can I enter in
When Your presence bears no sin?
Through Him, who poured out His life for me
The atoning Lamb of God
Through Him, and His work alone
I boldly come

I come by the blood, I come by the cross
Where Your mercy flows
From hands pierced for me
For I dare not stand on my righteousness
My every hope rests on what Christ has done
And I come by the blood

You are the high and exalted King
The One the angels fear
So far above me in every way
Lord, how can I draw near
To the One the angels fear?
Through Him who laid down His life for me
And ascended to Your side
Through Him, through Jesus alone
I boldly come

"I Come by the Blood", by Steve & Viki Cook.
©1994 Sovereign Grace Worship/Word Music, Inc. (ASCAP). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries. From Songs for the Cross Centered Life.
All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
North American administration by Integrity Music. International administration by Copy Care International. Used by permission.

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