Keegan The Vegan Total Liberation Lyrics

for every life for liberation / we're dedicated to bringing freedom for all enslaved / tear the blindfold from over your eyes / forget all that you thought you once knew / after 10, 000 years of telling lies / dedicated to spreading the truth / taking pride in this path that we tread / in defense of the earth / speaking out so the words of the voiceless can finally be heard / now's the time to take action for freedom / and justice deserved / FIGHT FOR LIFE / take a stand / for truth and compassion / there's no time to wait for change / show dedication / through your words and your actions / together we can end their suffering / TOTAL LIBERATION / smash hierarchy / don't buy into authority / strive for sustainability / resources are running out / discontent because we're not free / oppressors act out of greed / compassion and equality / are both necessary / reject the myths we were taught to believe / it's time to deprogram ourselves / question stereotypes and traditions / follow no gods, no masters / look at the root of racism, s__ism, speciesism / and you'll see, it's all been fabricated to keep us apart / BREAK DOWN / THE BARRIERS / THAT ENSLAVE US ALL

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