KAL แคล Month Lyrics

April now it's may 'n I haven't hreard from you
June and then july..what's it that I'm gonna do
August and september.Who am I to hold on to?
I've been lost in my mind without you..

October and November I was tryin 2forget
Breakin down as I took back ooh baby yeah
December's comin up, and I can't take this anymore
I know I'm all messed up in my mind

* Every second.minute every hour
I just catch myself thinking of you
Everyday and weeks and all this months
All I seem to think about is our love

It's almost been a year and I just can't forget
memories are playing back without the sound

s'posed to be a brand new year that's what january's for
s'posed to be happier,that's what I don't seem to get
February lover's,cuoid I don't see you near
look at me I'm lost in brutal world

I'm tyrin to forget all the times we've been through
I'm tryin to leave out,How much I've been missin you
March is up ahead , baby that's when you up and left
'till april then it's clear that I dodn't move on (*)

It's been a lonely year and I just can't forget
memories are still playin without the sound

It's almost like the time didn't change a thing
Maybe cause I love you babe..

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