My heart TANK Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I Still Announce I'm Home When I Get In From Work
The Thought Of You Being There Erases All The Hurt
I Check The Fridge Cause Dinner Ain't Sittin' On The Table
I Wanna Try To Eat But Girl I Just Ain't Able

Am I Trippin', Did You Really Tell Me It's Over
Did You Pack Your Bags And Drive Off In My Range Rover
Maybe I, Maybe I, Maybe I Should've Loved You So Much More
Cause My Heart Don't Wanna Let Go

Still Got Your Picture Right Next To My Bed
Still Smell The Perfume That You Used To Wear
The Life I Had With You Is All I Know
And My Heart Don't Wanna Let Go
Girl You Know That I Tried
To Live Without You Baby
But I Still Miss You Like Crazy
Without You Here This House, Is So d___ Cold
Cause My Heart Don't Wanna, My Heart Don't Wanna Let Go

[Verse 2:]
Oh, I Leave The Seat Up And Expect To Hear Your Mouth
My Clothes Ain't Washed Or Folded, What's That All About
My Bowls, My Cups, My Plates Are Piled Up In The Kitchen
I'm Steady Callin' Your Name, But It Seems Like You Ain't Listenin'



[Bridge 2:]
Girl You Must Not Understand How Much I Need You
I'm Incomplete Without You
I Had To Be A Fool To Even Try To
Baby Can You Find It In Your Heart
Give Us A Chance
I'll Right This Wrong
Oh, I'm Begging You To Come Back Home
Oh, Girl I Know Right Here's Where You Belong


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