Miss Kittin & The Hacker Stock Exchange Lyrics

Shaking Hands in the back of a Mercedes car
... whiskies, colas, ?business? auto bar

The wheel of high .... tears me appart
like a ?Harvard? Number One Broken Art

Attaché-Case changes at my ?burden? arm
Carry the last top secret lucky charm

Sunglasses on my nose in the pouring rain
dreaming about ... .... ?consume? my ?veins?

Stock Exchange Woman

Is it real this pink punk costum I wear
All the time to seduce j__anese "hommes d'affaire"

I can smell their expensive after shave
When they touch my b__ps in the lift of the Empire State

Stock exchange woman

Madonna "Into the groove" in my cell-phone
Ringing like a non-stop metronome

My psy told me to go to a Spa
But my jet is flying to Vienna Austria

Stock Exchange Woman

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