Jamiroquai Brothers Like You Lyrics

Talking about your brothers
People stop the fighting,
Gotta move it on
Oh my people,

Now I come flying now
Came flying from a nation

About the seggregation
Still keep it on the part
I wanna know where we gonna start

Yeah yeah yeah, brothers like you are giving brothers like me a bad name,
Oh giving me a bad name,
I wanna fight about now that you know were on the same, on the same...

I think,
And Im fighting,
Were talking about the white knights of the ku klux klan
Beat them, and keep them all them down, keep them down,
You can see a black, and you can see a white...
And we can talk about this order, indicisive

All your brothers are giving me,
Ohhh! giving me a bad name,
Oh youre giving me a bad name...

Come on now,
We got to argue people,
Brothers, Im talking about the brothers that are giving me a bad name,
Im talking about the vmp, and the nf and the ku klux klan...
Oh we gotta stop that going on...

I think you understand what Im trying to say,
Im saying all those brothers are giving me a bad name,
Ohhh.... giving me a bad name...
We got to fight on, we got to move on...
All those brothers
All your brothers, all your sisters...

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