KMD Constipated Monkey Lyrics

m_________ing cause! Ah! Represent! f___ that! Who the f___ is you, n____? X
b______, representing!

This is how we swing this s___
For the CMR
Bust it

[Zev Love X]
Zev loves to rock the venue then
See you never be you in fact glad I never been you
Scratched of the menu
I continue with the yellup so props might develop
From the duels no clues to head swellas
I dwell uptown
It's like a jungle
I'm immune to the fever though
Whoopsy daisy never lazy so I heave-ho
Whippin s___ like devo, whip it good (That thang!)
Whipping s___ like Elmer Fudd and Mr. Fudd slang
Listen to my guitar twang as I sang
A long flow and my songs blowin blowin
Blowin up like a granade serenade I'm into win b____
Locked on the mic like vice-grips to the shwinn's (of the)
feet seat pole from when I used to pop a wheely
You can get the props if you can top my illy silly wierd old pro rap style
Ran see ya clap while I'm the finger snap child, ritz will give me daps
(And now my nail file, thanks
I'll bake it in a cake)
And I'mma send it upstate for all my n____z makin wieght
You see I take none slack
Rhymes and track is mack
Zev Love X-Lax a brown man not a
A black b______ I'm stringin 'em up stringin 'em up higher
Than the '86 Nikes on the wire
(Right outside my rest love)
I don't suggest taste testing if you can't digest and I quote:
"Zev with cess, God d___ God blessed I wrote"
I tote Disks, Dats, Gatts and Bats
And vote no to canine, feline, rats and double drats
(I always hear 'em sayin)
Foiled again by that maniacal madman
He wraps like seran wrap can a leg of lamb
(So s___'s wrapped up)
X makes hits like a
(Pimp's hoes is smacked up)
All cracked up so constantly actin' up
Constipated monkeys got s___ backed up
Get it?

(Being said while talking)
Black constipated monkey (3x)
Black constipated (9x)
Black constipited

So don't sweat it
We don't play
(We don't play that bullshit and catch a bullet)
And parlet , n____
(Yo the n____ tried to pull it on 'em)
(...Yeah on some s___)

What is you stupid make my voice deeper...

Aight next track
(Yo yo lay back into that next s___)

[Zev Love X]
I need some m_____fuckin cess on my chest so I can
Run around like I had a bulllet proof vest on, uh

Black, black
Constipated monkey, constipated monkey
Black constipated monkey, constipated monkey
Black constipated monkey, black constipated monkey, black constipated
monkey, constipated monkey

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