-123 Min. Play, My Finger Lyrics

Play, my finger
As you've never played before
Even if a song have the tendency
To get lost and forgotten
I believe that this moment will stay forever
When I see you shine

Ain't no longer
Easy - going times of fun
Summer's gone, the sun's getting lower
Let's keep tight 'n' warm
In the colour of the moonlight flow, so blue
And so beatiful

I've heard that the blackbirds sing even more when it rains
So play, my finger, play now, please, don't let it be in vain

Play, my finger
Time moves slower than it seemes
Let this tone be sung for a while
And bend it all the way
With the grace like the sun may shine
Throught the rainbow
- so clear and so clean

I've heard that the blackbirds...

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