Bobby Bare The All-American Boy Lyrics

Written by: Bobby Bare, Orville Lunsford
#2 Dec '58 Hot 100
#16 Feb '59 R&B

(Released under the wrong name, Bill Parsons)

Gather round, cats
And I'll tell you a story
About how to become

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An All American Boy

Buy you a guitar
And put it in tune
You'll be rocking
And rolling soon

Impressing the girls
Picking hot licks
And all that jazz

I bought me a
Guitar a year ago
Learned how to
Play in a day or so

And all around town
It was well understood
That I was knocking 'em out
Like Johnny B. Goode

Hot licks, showing off
Ah, number one

Well, I'd practice all day
And up into the night
My papa's hair was turning white

Cause he didn't like
Rock and roll
He said, you can stay, boy
But that's gotta go

He's a square
He just didn't dig me at all

So I took my guitar
Picks and all
Bid farewell
To my poor ole pa

Split for Memphis
Where they say you all
And them swingin' cats
Are having a ball

Hot licks and all
They dig me

I was rocking and bopping
And I's a-getting the breaks
The girls all said that
I had what it takes

When up stepped a
Man with a big cigar
He said, come here, cat
I'm gonna make you a star

I'll put you on Bandstand
Buy you a Cadillac
Sign here, kid

I signed my name
And became a star
Having a ball with my guitar
Driving a big long Cadillac
And fighting the girls
Off of my back

They just kept a-coming
Screaming, yeah, they like it

So I'd pick my guitar
With a great big grin
And the money just
Kept on pouring in

But then one day
My Uncle Sam
He said, here I am

Uncle Sam needs you, boy
I'm gonna cut your hair
Take this rifle, kid
Gimme that guitar, yeah

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