Panic Ensemble Spring In Your Heart Lyrics

(B. Feldman, Y. Kraus, R. Yarkoni, N. Golandsky / R. Yarkoni)

under the tree
the sun is climbing high
I open up
to you my b___erfly
winds of seduction around us
leaving my seeds
under your wings

under the tree
the sun is shining bright
colors of l___
they tangle in my eyes
time drops falls down on my petals
leaving the wide
open fields behind

oh bearing my life without you there
under the graceful moon
I will carry on
with the memory of your whispers
spring in my heart

under the tree
the bitter ending night
I'm closing down
on you my b___erfly
dance so the stars will remember
fluttering light
on your last fight

Roy Yarkoni - Piano
Yael Kraus - Vocals
Galia Hai - Viola
Noa Golandsky - Percussions
Omer Hershman - Guitar
Boris Martzinovsky - Accordion
Yehu Yaron - Double Bass

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