After the Fire Farewell Ian Stuart Lyrics

Ian Stuart, I sure miss you mate,
Delivered by the Gods, taken by the hand of fate
You were a friend, a comrade, an inspiration to us all,
I know for sure, a million men, that heeded to your call,
To live by your example, and take that long hard road,
Unmatched in dedication, and a heart that knew no cold,
The last time that we shook our hands, I saw the fire in your eyes
We could have never known right there and then, it would be our last goodbye
So with heart in mouth and tears in eyes, your obituary I'll write,
To remember Ian Stuart and to carry on the fight

So farewell to a comrade, and farewell to a friend,
You did your best, you shone above the rest
You were a white man til the end,
Farewell Ian Stuart, a man we held so high,
You will live forever, because heroes, heroes never die!

From '82 we looked to you,
To lead the movement and build the scene,
Your White power songs, could never be wrong
You were the best band I've ever seen
Through all the years, the laughs and beers,
And the friends you made on the way
The times in the cell, when they gave you hell
From the cause never did you stray!
Against the Police and the Reds, and the traitors that fled,
You stood up and took on the world,
From the bedsits and digs, to the rallies and gigs
So proudly the flag you unfurled
And we will carry on, with the hope in your songs,
To turn back now would be such a sin
And we are ready to toil, for the blood and the soil,
Ian Stuart, you know we will win!

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