Sierra Freedom Lyrics

Whatever happened to all those
Summer nights
Staring up at an endless starry sky
Chasing after the fireflies
I remember when
Life was simple then

Building castles along the
Waters edge
Running barefoot through
Fields of innocence
Nothing and no one could
Take the smile off of my face
Livin' everyday in

Sweet abandon
Believing and understanding
The faith of a child
Never in doubt of
Your peace
Feeling captivated
By the love You gave me
Mountains could move and
No dream
Ever seemed too far
When freedom danced in my heart

Time is turning the seasons always change
Now I'm looking for blue skies in the rain
Sometimes I wish I could turn the page
Back to days when I never questioned why

I close my eyes and I find a memory
A little glimpse of that wide-eyed honesty
Always trusting that You were there with me
Livin' every day in

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