Peter Martijn Wijnia vs. Dj Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe Not The End vs. Who Wll Find Me (Armin van Buuren Acapella Mashup) Lyrics

Dance dance in the morning light.
Open your darkened eyes.
Hey, hey, it's a beautiful day.
It'll be ok. It'll be ok.

Take a look, spin around, this is where I find you... where the roses bloom.
Leave your cares, leave your fears, leave them all behind you... yeayah.
It's a beautiful day in the city of shining light.
It's a beautiful day. This is where I find you... yeayah

Oh who will find me?
In your midnight eyes, I see a summer sunrise.
Fly far beyond these silver winter skies.
I see a beautiful life. Oh, come and get away.

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