Crucifier Drive Intense Lyrics

I told my woman i'm taking the car, going for a drink
She said don't be late, and i don't give a s___
This happens every f___ing time, i want to go my ways
All my friends are waiting, to get drunked at the place

Drive: like insane
Fast: don't be late
Thrash: with my friends
Intense: to the rest

I drive intense like insane, don't care about my fate
And by the time I get back, you start to scream with hate
I'm already tired, I cannot stand on my feet
What's the problem shut your mouth, i want to go to sleep

The b____ is getting louder, she's screaming in my ear
Can't stand her anymore, took a broken bottle with beer
My anger's growing higher, i can't control my nerves
Blood's flowing down her neck, you just got what you deserved!

Drive, Fast, Thrash: Drive intense

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