Christafari Fear Not (feat. Avion Blackman) Lyrics

nspired by Isaiah 43:1-2, Phil 1:28

Woy, woy, woy, woy, woy (3X) / Intro: Ooh woe, ooh woe, ooh woy / You hear the sound it's coming down (Repeat) / The road it is rocky and you may grow weary / But don't let discouragement bring you down / For you've got a vision / It's time to make your decision / Will you push forward or just stand around? / Woy / Chorus: So fear not strike while the iron is hot / And fear not strike while the iron is hot / For you've been sent on a mission / and this is not a competition / In Mount Zion you will get your reward, yeah / So put your plans into action / And free yourself from distractions / For you can do anything through the strength of the Lord, yeah / (CHORUS) / Bridge: So are you ready for the revolution? / And are you ready to be the solution / It's gonna take some courage so don't be discouraged / And don't worry what scornful ones try to say / No time for hesitation or procrastination / Why put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today? / Ooh yeah / (CHORUS) / So fear not I say strike while the iron is hot / And fear not today strike while the iron is hot/ (BRIDGE) / (INTRO) / (CHORUS 2X).

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