Jamie T Jamie T - Shiela Lyrics

Sheila goes out with her mate Stella
It gets poured all over her fella
'Cause she says, "man he ain't no better
Than the next man kicking up fuss"
Drunk, she stumbles down by a river
Screams calling "London" (LONDON...)
None of us heard her coming; I guess the carpet weren't rolled out.

* Oh when my love, my darling,
You've left me here alone,
I'll walk the streets of London
Which once seemed all our own.
The vast suburban churches
Together we have found:
The ones which smelt of gaslight
The ones in incense drowned

(Verse 1)
Her lingo went from the c___ney to the Gringo,
Anytime she sing a song the other girls sing along,
And tell all the fellas that the lady is single,
Fickle way ta tickle on my young man's ting?
She's up for doing what she like, any day more like the night(?)
She downed,drunk sauce That she stole,bought,borrowed
She didn't like fights but at the same time understood
Fella's will be fella's 'til the end of time

(heavens what a nosie,cold-blooded murder of the english tongue!)

(Verse 2)

Jack had a gang that he called the Miligrams,
He was known as Smack Jack the Crackerman,
In life he was dealt some s___ hands,
But the boys' got the back now
And Jay went the same way as Micky and Dan
Dependent mans upon the heroin
And man, Lisa had a baby with Sam,
And now Jack's on his own man

Well done, Jack! Glug! Down that cider
You're right - she's a s___ and you never f___ing liked her
Not like, what, He stopped so shocked,

Cause it turned out the last dance killed the pied piper
Tough little big man,
Friends with your daughters,
Only 'cause they drive him to pick up all his quarters,
Brawler, larger lout brawlers,bought them their filth and they're free?
But they ain't near da border
Two young gun's
Got ya held by da corner, always did a favour but never took a order
Behave young scallywag! A fine young Galahad
Glad ragged up, but only ever getting f__ hags,
Hung on his shoulder, cheap price shop tags,
Slag better understand he came for the glamour,
But this tag original, superficial the issue,
But one day Jack had thirty-five doppelgangers


(It's over man, it's over! LONDON!)

(Verse 3)
So here's a short story about the girl Georgina,
Never seen a worse, clean young mess
Under stress, at best but she's pleased to see you
With love, God Bless, we lay her body to rest
Now it all there started with Daddy's alcoholic
Lightweight, chuck it down, numbing his brain
And the doctor said he couldn't get the heart der started,
Now beat up, drugged up, she feeling the strain
She said, "In a rut what the f___ I'm supposed to do?"
Suck it out, start,stop. keep running through,
"True, but you try it ain't easy to do."
She been buckle-belt, beaten from the back like a brat
Dunno where she's going, but she know where she at,
So Georgie - it's time to chain react
But the truth is, you know, she'll probably fall back
Tears stream down her face, she screamed away:
"When I fall, no-one catch me,
Alone, lonely, I'll overdose slowly, get scared, I'll scream and shout" -
But you know it won't matter she'll be passing out,
I said gigidy-bigidy-up
Just another day
Another sad story that's tragedy -
Paramedics announced death at 10.30
Rip it up, kick it, spit out the views...


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