Si Kitchie!! Say it Lyrics

I never wanted nobody
Cause all I want is you
Even when the promises you made you broke just yesterday
I still love you

Say what you want say what you need
Say anything everything even if its something I don't wanna hear
Even if its something I don't wanna do for you I will

I wake up late every evening
To play with the drawing of you
It drives me crazy
I often hit my head with my shoe
This much is true

The few things you do for me is good
I hate it when you say less than you should
Sometimes when I'm standing near
It seems as though you don't even care
That doesn't sound fair

Everybody needs a little inspiration (when you're down on a sunny day)
I sit here alone thinking what I wanna say (but you never listen somehow)
I cringe, I cry in every way feeling so alone I don't wanna be alone

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