The Tossers Memory Lyrics

Well oh remember that day, average and gray, you came to me and then
I heard a kindness like a memory I once felt on a passing wind
Oh but the kindness I've known

From street and stone they still resound your presence and animation
No not negation or affirmation, but positivity and creation
Oh but the kindness I've known

Not destruction but creation in the waning hearts you mended
But the spark of connection that fills the soul when simply you're befriended
Oh but the kindness I've known

As well I knew in such freedom grew also isolation
Of the pain of knowing so very few who'ld not desire your captivation
Oh but the kindness I've known

Your love and true and pure desire tireless, endless and sad
I wonder now would I be the same if I'd left what if I had
Oh but the kindness I've known

To discover to the world what I know of you and not unattainable song
That would glorify your attributes like we've done all along
There's a lot more to you than song

and pedistals they cannot describe the torment you've been through
And banishment cannot consumate the frustration and monotony we knew
And song will never ever portray the wonder that you've known
But lyric sticks here like a timeline and it's a mark to show we've gone
Oh but the kindness I've known

So I'll represent this kindness since all else is extoled and present how it does thrive
Like the care and nourishment long forgot in infancy that kept us alive
Lethal environment does not always justify reactionary violent behavior
For striking down malevolence takes it's place and our timeline read the same here
Oh but the kindness I've known

Oh this kindness is what the great search is for not wisdom or divining
Our subconsionce recognizes it's safe guard form birth
To keep our self absorbed frustrated minds from grinding
Oh but the kindness I've known

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