Ralph Tresvant Homegirl Lyrics

When I met her she was 19 going on 30 living at home
Found it hard to get together so for a while we talked on the phone
Coming out of bad relationships, we both found a friend in our tones
We decided just to let it go, destination: love is unknown

Only one I want in my life (is my Homegirl)
.....she keeps me excited
Not only my best friend, lover and wife (she's my Homegirl)
.....even when we're fighting
I know when it's hard, she's gone make it alright (that's my Homegirl)
.....that's the way she gets down
No one in the world seems to do it like me (and my Baby)
.....ooooohhhhhh nah

When she walks into the bedroom she's my Spanish-African Queen
And when we do our candle dancing it's an exotic video scene
Rather snuggled at the crib watching movies or out for a night on the town
It don't matter what I got, I know my baby's gonna be down


No one is as bad as my Homegirl

....she keeps me excited
Yeah.....you're much more then my friend
....even when we're fighting
You're my everything.......I don't know what I'd do without you
....that's the way she gets down
No one in the world seems to do it like me (who does it like that) (and my Baby)

My Homegirl

Chorus x2

That's my Homegirl x3
And my baby

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