Velvet Acid Christ Blood Lyrics

Like tears of blood that roll off your hands
As if you were crying blood
As if the whole world was bleeding
And every person was covered in blood
Like if every being was torn from above
And the wounds bleed deeply, furiously, and unending
Like the blank stare of a billion bleeding souls
Like the wretched air that burns you like hot coals
Like your soul covered with dirt and mud
Like the entire world is covered in your blood

Something dreadful, something painful
Something evil, something ugly
Something wicked, something wretched
Something horrid, something morbid

Like the stingin in your eyes, like the frozen skies
Like when your eyes pop out of your head
Like your fingers fall off dead
Like when your back is skinned
Like when the real pain begins, begins, begins

Something dreadful, something evil
Something wicked, something horrid
Something hurting
Something bleeding
Something bleeding
Something bleeding
Something bleeding

Blood, Blood, Blood

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