Culture Shock Messed Up Lyrics

Me & you & we, messed up
Inside our heads it's a wounderful mess
What we really think is anyone's guess
That's why we say "No" when we really mean "Yes'
Keeping our egos one step ahead
And you can't trust anyone really
Cos they don't know how you're feeling
Put the walls up to the ceiling
So the world can't hear you breathing

Me & you & we, messed up
Watching the rest of the world stay back
Faces distorting the fiction to facts
Making the first move is mental attack
So we sit & have a nightmares - nightmares
As we relax
And you can't do anything really
Cos they watch you while you're dreaming
That's why we're scared of sleeping
Cos the world can hear you screaming

Messed, messed, messed, messed
Messed, messed, messed, messed

Me & you & we, messed up by
Social security
Split parent family
Playground violence
Immature malevolence
Bully boy heroics
Jokes about spastics
Couldn't play fooball, couldn't play fooball, can't play fooball... didn't have s__
Funny face out of place
Nervous wrecks
Nervous wrecks
Nervous, nervous, ne-ne-Nervous
Nervous wreck

Me & you & we, all messed up
That's all of us & our social wars
Staring & twitching across the floor
When our eyes met it scared me to death
Until one of us smiles we'll all stay depressed
But then we'll all go on forever!
Because we're all messed up, together!
And there's no-one worse or better - no-one
Not then, not now, not never - never
Not then & not now & not never, ever

You - you
And me - and me
And we - and we - all messed up
You & me - you & me
Me & him - me & him
Him & her - him & her
Her & you, messed up - messed up - up - up

I & I, U & U, all of us - all of us
All of them, everyone you ever knew - all of us
Messed up! Messed up! Up, messed up! Up, up
And me & you we keep on smiling!

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