Burning Heads Dance Of The Ghosts Lyrics

"all the indians must dance everywhere, keep on dancing.
pretty soon in the next spring great spirit comes.
he bring back all game of every kind. the game be thick everywhere.
old blind indian see again and get young and have fine time when great spirit comes this way,
then all the indians go to mountains, high up away from whites.
whites can't hurt indians then.
then while indians way up high, big flood comes like water and all white people die, get drowned.
after that, water go way and then nobody but indians everywhere and game all kinds thick.
then medecine man tell indians to send word to all indians to keep up dancing and all the good time will come.
indians who don't dance, who don't believe in this word, will grow little, just about a foot high, and stay that way.
some of them will be turned into wood and be burned in fire."

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